McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique

What is it?

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique is a unique hands-on treatment to normalise scaring, which gives permanent results.  After treatment the scar tissue will not revert back to its original state. The practitioner lightly manipulates the scar tissue, seperating the tissue strands to free trapped nerve endings, re-supply blood circulation and improve lymph drainage.  I offer the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release in Norton Canes, Cannock and surrounding areas.

What is it used for?

Scars are often a permanent reminder of a very traumatic event, whether the scar is the result of a planned surgical operation, or an accident: the body has had a hole cut into it that was not meant to be there, and it requires time to heal: physically and emotionally.  Scars can result in loss of confidence emotionally, and can cause many physical problems after healing, such as numbness of skin, a tingling feeling, or even pain.  Often the area itches, burns or is hypersensitive.  Deep scars can result in postural distortion, a loss of flexibility, and a loss of muscle or tissue wastage. 

The scar is created when the skin has been cut and the natural response to the trauma begins.  The body lays down collagen as part of the repair process and this can result in a thickened mass under, and at the sides of the scar, which can impede proper circulation, lymphatic drainage flow, and can result in the severing of delicate nerve tissue.

When is it used?

If a person feels that their scar has a puckered, thick, fibrous look, or feel, around the scar, then it would benefit from having the tissue underneath the scar released.  Also, this is the case if the area is hypersensitive, itchy, or feels as if the area is burning.  If there is a physical pulling or dragging feeling under the skin, (which can actually cause postural distortion at its worst), then the technique could be used.  Old scars, which can interfere with a person’s daily life, react well to the technique: but new scars must wait until all the healing has been completed, both on the skin’s surface and underneath, before the technique can be performed.

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Where is it from?

Alastair McLoughlin is a specialist in the treatment of musco-skeletal pain, using natural drug-free methods.  He is a Bowen therapist, instructor and author.   Mr. McLoughlin realised that specific treatment for scar tissue had been ignored.  As the physical and emotional effects of scars on the human body can be serious he developed his unique technique to specifically treat scar tissue.  He now teaches this method internationally.

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