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Book a free taster session, before they all go!

So you've read all the information below and you're still not sure if this is the treatment for you ... book a free taster session with me with no obligation to book further treatment!!!

Each taster session lasts 25 - 30 minutes. I will talk you through what happens during a Reiki session and how it works, then you can lie on the therapy table for 15 - 20 mins while I perform Reiki on you.  To book phone: BARBARA 07931317553

Only one taster session per client for each treatment is allowed. 


Ursi Reiki

What is it?

Reiki therapy is a hands-on, natural, holistic treatment, which promotes healing, whilst balancing and harmonising the recipient emotionally, physically and spiritually: relieving stress, fatigue and pain.  The practitioner directs this energy through their hands, generally working through the chakra system of the body.  The Practitioners’ hands may be laid directly onto the recipient’s body, or may hover just above the body, within the auric energy field which surrounds each person.  

This is a non-intrusive treatment, pain-free, and heals by balancing and increasing the flow of electro-magnetic energy throughout the body.  Reiki can be received fully clothed as the energy passes through clothes, blankets or even plaster cast.

What is it used for?

Reiki can be used for relieving stress, fatigue and pain.  It is an excellent treatment for promoting relaxation, and for relieving emotional problems.  The recipient goes into a deep state of relaxation. 

Whilst relaxed the body goes into a state of ‘rest and repair’, switching off the hormones, adrenalin and cortisol that are produced when the body is in the ‘fight and flight’ mode. This pain may be reduced and the immune system stregthened.

When can it be used?

Reiki can be used as an addition to traditional medicine and other complementary therapies.  It can be used safely and effectively with all other forms of treatment. Reiki can do no harm.

Positives for using Reiki

  • No need to undress to receive reiki.    
  • It is non-intrusive.  
  • It can relieve stress.   
  • It can relieve pain.     
  • It can help to release anger, hatred and other negative emotions.
  • it is safe to be used with all other treatments.
  • It can do no harm.

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Where is it from?

There is an ancient tradition of hands-on healing in many civilizations. This particular tradition of reiki healing energy was discovered by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr, Mikao Ursi, a fully trained medical doctor, in the late 1800s whilst searching for a better method of healing.  He fasted for  21 days, after which he received enlightenment regarding reiki therapy.  He set up a clinic in Tokyo in 1922; where he attuned other practitioners, who continued training others after his death in 1926, including a Hawaiian lady called Mrs Takata.  In Hawaii Mrs Takata attuned a further 22 reiki masters (meaning teachers).   Reiki therapy has since travelled around the world.  All reiki practitioners are part of a linage, meaning the technique can be traced from teacher to student through the attunement process.

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